Want to make a call when
you're soaked?

Ever wish you could listen to your
iPod while you swim, fish or ski?

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iSplash is a waterproof case for iPhone or iPod that gives you full phone function while in the water or soaking wet!
Also available with internal dry headphone jack and waterproof headphones... you can now listen to your favourite
music while swimming laps, surfing, snorkelling, or just lazing in the pool!

iSplash is waterproof to 20m and comes with a lanyard or velcro sports armband for extreme sports action! Use your
touch screen, make or take calls, and listen to music while your soaking wet this summer!

Waterproof to 20m
(plus $7.50 postage)

Waterproof to 20m
Velcro Arm Band
Internal Dry Headphone Jack
Waterproof Headphones

(plus $8.50 postage)
Beware of immitation brands that do not use communication grade plastic. Only high quality communication grade plastic like iSplash will allow you to hear perfectly normal through the case.

Only iSplash is gauranteed to 20 meters and officially rated with a commercial seal to IPx8 standards.

You get what you pay for!